How to distinguish between good and bad corrugated boxes

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The synthesis of corrugated cardboard began in the late 18th century. In the early 19th century, its application significantly increased due to its lightweight, low price, wide range of uses, simple manufacturing, and recyclability or even reuse. By the early 20th century, it had been widely used, promoted, and applied in the production and packaging of various commodities. Due to the unique performance and advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging containers in beautifying and protecting internal goods, they have achieved great success in competition with various packaging materials.


So far, it has become one of the main materials for making packaging containers, with a long history of use and rapid development. Corrugated cardboard is made by bonding and processing face paper, lining paper, core paper, and corrugated paper into corrugated paper. According to the needs of product packaging, corrugated cardboard can be processed into single-sided corrugated cardboard, three-layer corrugated cardboard, five layer, seven layer, and eleven layer corrugated cardboard.

Single sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a protective layer for the inner lining of product packaging or as a light clip or pad to protect goods from vibration or collision during storage and transportation. The first party uses three and five layers of corrugated cardboard in production. Many products are packaged with three or five layers of corrugated cardboard, on the contrary, they are very exquisite. The surface of corrugated cardboard is printed with rich and colorful graphics and images, which not only protects the internal products but also promotes and beautifies them.

Nowadays, many corrugated cardboard boxes made of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard have gone directly to the sales counter and become sales packaging. Seven or eleven layer corrugated cardboard is mainly used for making packaging boxes for electromechanical, tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, and large household appliances. In specific products, this corrugated cardboard can be used to make inner and outer boxes, which is convenient for production, as well as for the storage, storage, and transportation of goods.

In recent years, according to the needs of environmental protection and the requirements of relevant national policies, the packaging of goods made of this corrugated cardboard has gradually replaced it. The corrugated shape and corrugated shape of corrugated cardboard 1. The corrugated shape of corrugated cardboard is different from that of corrugated cardboard, and the functions of corrugated cardboard bonded together are also different. Even when using the same quality of face paper and inner paper, the performance of corrugated cardboard varies due to the different shapes of corrugated cardboard.

There are currently four commonly used ripple shapes internationally. They are A-type, C-type, B-type, and E-type. The technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. Corrugated cardboard made of A-type corrugated cardboard has good cushioning and elasticity, while C-type corrugated cardboard is superior to A-type cold porcelain. But the stiffness is better than that of A-shaped ribs; B-type corrugated cardboard has a high density of arrangement, and the customized surface of corrugated cardboard boxes is smooth, with high load-bearing capacity, suitable for printing; The e-shaped ridge is thin and dense, indicating its rigidity and strength.

The height of the gauge, in millimeters, is 300 a4 per piece. 5~534 2C3. 5~438 2B2. 5~350 2E1. 1~296 4II. The corrugated shape of corrugated paper forms corrugated cardboard. The corrugated shapes of corrugated paper are divided into V-shaped, U-shaped, and UV shaped. The characteristic of V-shaped ripple waveform is high resistance to plane pressure, saving the amount of glue in use, and saving energy.

But the cushioning performance of corrugated cardboard made of this type of corrugated cardboard is poor, and it is difficult to recover after being compressed or impacted. The characteristics of U-shaped ripple waveform are large adhesive area, firm adhesion, and a certain degree of elasticity. When impacted by external forces, it is not as fragile as V-shaped corrugated cardboard, and the customized corrugated cardboard box has a lower flat expansion strength than V-shaped corrugated cardboard. Based on the performance characteristics of V-shaped and U-shaped corrugated rollers, UV corrugated rollers made by combining their advantages have been widely used.

The processed corrugated paper not only maintains the high pressure resistance of V-shaped corrugated paper, but also has the characteristics of high adhesive strength and elasticity of U-shaped corrugated paper. At present, all corrugated rollers at home and abroad use this UV type corrugated roller. The shape, structure, and design of corrugated cardboard boxes and accessories. 1. The shape of corrugated cardboard boxes and accessories varies depending on their purpose. At present, the classification method for corrugated boxes and corrugated boxes proposed by FEFCO and ASSCO is widely adopted internationally.

In this standard, on hot summer days, various styles of corrugated cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, and their accessories are numbered with four digits. As we usually refer to the matched corrugated cardboard box, it is referred to as 0201 boxes in the international cardboard box standard. This classification method has been accepted and adopted by the standard classification of corrugated cardboard boxes and their accessories in China.

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