How does cosmetic packaging design appear tall and upscale?

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Everything in the world seems to have developed in this way: from ordinary to polarized, either getting better or getting worse. Just like the national income gap, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The development of cosmetic box printing is also the same. Previously, everyone's packaging was similar. This year, with the emergence of high-end cosmetic packaging design styles, there has been a phenomenon of polarization in cosmetic packaging. The high-end fashion of cosmetics packaging is like a whirlwind, sweeping the fashion and entertainment industries in Europe and America, becoming the favorite of superstars and celebrities. The atmospheric and high-end cosmetics packaging style is so enthusiastically sought after in China, which fully demonstrates that the aesthetic concept of Chinese society is undergoing a huge evolution, from blindly consuming expensive and noisy big brands to proving oneself, gradually learning to help enhance one's charm by choosing high-quality taste and texture. As a packaging manufacturer, I should have noticed this trend of change for a long time. A grand and high-end cosmetics packaging design war is already raging, and the question before designers is still how to complete China's grand and high-end cosmetics packaging design?


How to design atmospheric high-end cosmetic packaging? If we analyze from the perspective of differentiated competitive strategy and design cosmetics packaging, sometimes it is necessary to "not take the right path". Li Yuchun was able to become a Super Girl champion because she was not as charming and diverse as ordinary girls, but because she won with a neutral personality. If Li Yuchun followed everyone to become a "woman" a bit, there might be someone else who won the championship that year; The reason why Zhang Ziyi is so popular is that she has grasped the high-end route and does not shoot TV dramas, only movies, thus keeping her value rising.

Therefore, when it is difficult for local daily chemical products to develop in competition, would it be more prominent if we could change our perspective and become a fish parading in the opposite direction? Will it be an opportunity for us to enter the high-end market of the atmosphere when everyone else is occupying the countryside and fighting price wars? The specific steps are divided into four steps:

1、 Firstly, identify the target audience.

2、 Pricing strategy is an important step for high-end brands to enter the market.

3、 Differentiated customized design brand system and product packaging.

4、 Channel strategy is naturally an important stage in market layout and market share acquisition.

In summary, becoming an atmospheric high-end brand is not an overnight task, so enterprises must develop a long-term brand strategy. Another important point is that manufacturers of cosmetics may not necessarily be packaging manufacturers. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable packaging bag manufacturer to collaborate with when customizing packaging bags. Only if it is strong enough to perfectly present the designer's design can your packaging bag be considered successful!

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