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Shenzhen Herong Color Printing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing comprehensive packaging process design and supporting production for high demand customers who focus on "product image" and "brand temperament". We have always been recognized by our partners for our excellent quality, fast efficiency, and affordable prices. Adhering to the work philosophy of customer first and full cooperation, we provide customers with one-stop, cost-effective packaging customization. Our main products include: color box printing, cosmetics packaging box printing, cosmetics color box printing, high-end packaging box printing, food packaging box printing, etc. The company has been committed to the development and production of color box packaging for many years, with rich industry vision and production experience. Cooperate with advanced production equipment to provide customers with high-quality boutique packaging. The company has multiple Heidelberg 4-color printing machines, Heidelberg 7+1UV printing machines, fully automatic die-cutting machines, stamping machines, fully automatic box gluing machines, folding machines, binding machines and other printing production equipment, ensuring high-quality and efficient delivery of products. Main customer groups: cosmetics factories, electronics factories, export enterprises, etc. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and negotiate business.

Why choose Herong Printing?
A packaging and printing enterprise that dares to be responsible for sales results

1、 Focusing on the packaging industry for many years, participating in and witnessing the operation of many brands in the industry, gaining insight into industry development trends, and taking advantage of the trend

2、 Accumulatively serving over a thousand brand enterprises, integrating research and development institutions, production enterprises, OEM brand merchants, terminal chains, etc., gathering valuable frontline market experience and deeply accumulating the way of brand victory

3、 Adhering to the principle of market orientation, meticulous cultivation, and seeking truth from facts, we design services with perfect strategies to create a strong personalized brand packaging image

4、 Proficient in packaging and printing production processes, with comprehensive guidance services for packaging and printing processes. Own a printing factory and integrate cross industry frontline packaging material suppliers to provide one-stop services, ensuring the effective implementation of packaging design products and being able to "see for see"

5、 Familiar with the production and operation processes of packaging enterprises, adhering to the design of packaging materials can effectively cooperate with the production process of the enterprise, minimize production costs, and improve production efficiency. This has gained recognition from various households.

Focusing on the production of printing, packaging, and paper boxes
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Improve team morale
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Shenzhen Herong Color Printing Co., Ltd, Main packaging box printing: Cosmetic color box printing,

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