What are the precautions to be taken in the design of tea color box packaging?

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A first-class product cannot be separated from first-class color box packaging. Tea, as a highly circulating commodity, is also applicable. Good tea color box packaging has collectible value and can also be recycled. In the era of advocating low-carbon consumption, it not only saves resources but also promotes and effectively spreads traditional tea culture. The exquisite and unique tea color box packaging design not only provides buyers with beautiful enjoyment, but also greatly stimulates consumers' desire to purchase and promotes tea sales under the flexible and varied sales methods in the tea market. Xusheng will talk specifically about the packaging design of tea color boxes with everyone!


The earliest tea color box packaging was generally limited to meeting the requirements of moisture resistance, odor resistance, high temperature resistance, and shading for deep storage of tea. It kept the tea at an appropriate humidity and temperature to ensure that the nutritional components of the tea were not lost or lost, and the color, aroma, and flavor changes were not significant. It was also convenient for people to carry, store, and transport after purchasing. A good tea color box packaging design is to achieve practicality, simplicity, intuition, and beautification based on simple needs.

Tea is a pure natural, pollution-free green beverage. Firstly, we need to fully understand the characteristics of tea and the many factors that can easily cause changes in tea quality, and avoid factors that are not conducive to tea storage and transportation in terms of material selection; Secondly, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of various packaging materials and choose packaging materials with different properties, such as wood, PC, acrylic, or paper boxes, based on the different types of tea leaves. The selection of materials should not be uniform.

We need to fully experience the characteristics of different packaging materials and ensure that the packaging materials match the characteristics of tea. Only in this way can the color box packaging design achieve perfection while meeting basic storage and transportation functions.

Oranges born in Huainan are called oranges, while those born in Huaibei are called trifoliate orange. The same goes for tea. Tea trees grown in different soil and water have vastly different flavors, and regional differences can also lead to different understandings of tea in different regions. The packaging design of tea color boxes should highlight these differences, promote their unique content, and increase consumer attention.

The consideration of brand systematicity, continuity, style, and tradition in tea color box packaging design is the traditional continuation of tea color box packaging design. Each product design must be responsible for overall style planning. At the same time, in order to reflect the differences between different series of products within the same brand, it is necessary to innovate and break through again in the design. In this way, through the tea color box packaging design that is rich in regional and unique characteristics, consumers can search for and strengthen the brand's tea based on their daily impressions.

Implicit and artistic conception are the higher levels of tea color box packaging design, which can fully reflect the concept of moderation, introverted, coordinated, balanced, and the unity of heaven and man in tea culture. The unity of heaven and humanity seeks harmony and unity between humans, nature, and society. Similarly, the packaging design of tea should fully consider the high harmony between tea taste and color, quality and tea utensils, tea culture and consumer producers, so as to make tea color box packaging highly attractive to consumers.

The design of tea color box packaging should attach importance to human emotions and desires, so that consumers can receive beautiful hints and joyful associations when purchasing or seeing tea. Therefore, tea packaging box factories believe that the selection of packaging materials and wooden packaging can use various artistic methods such as traditional carving, calligraphy, calligraphy, and painting, and even introduce the works of famous experts to increase the color of tea culture.

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