High end and low price black technology design for health product factories

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Recently, a health product packaging box factory has discovered a relatively novel design for health product color boxes. It is not that the packaging factory has made any cool process special effects on the color logo of this product, but rather changes the structure of the entire health product packaging color box, using relatively simple methods to piece together a very high-end looking design, and the overall material cost will be very low. As this box is still in the design and production process, In order to protect the intellectual property rights of this product, we will not release their unfinished design drawings and sample drawings. Let everyone feel it through descriptions

I believe everyone really likes packaging that looks grand, and some health product color boxes with thick walls can give people this feeling. Therefore, most health product packaging box factories should use some thick cardboard combined with a layer of laminating paper to form a packaging structure. This approach is the traditional and legitimate health product printing factory's practice of making thick paper, which is correct, But today, the editor wants to introduce a novel structural model to everyone, making the entire product appear relatively thick, but the cost is much cheaper than traditional methods


The preferred material for selection is suggested to be a thicker single copper paper. Firstly, a soft box model is formed by itself, but the model of this soft box does not have three sides, forming a hollow U-shaped shape. Four such U-shaped folds are used, and then a physical buckle position is made on one side and two sides of the bottom of the inner box to clamp the four walls together and connect them together, resulting in a box shape with thicker four walls, The walls of this box are hollow, but because its material is relatively thick single copper paper, its touch will not be particularly soft. As long as the box shape is not particularly large, there is no direct bending phenomenon, so this model is still quite popular at present

This approach is actually quite novel in health product packaging box factories, as there are still many friends who are not willing to accept it. The traditional approach is more orthodox, and the process is more mature, making it very efficient. However, this method requires physical buckles. If the paper box factory is responsible for it, there are no specialized machines, and the manual speed is relatively slow. However, if a good piece of paper is sent over, It is also very troublesome for customers to discount themselves, and it is easy to increase the scrap rate. Therefore, this method needs to be carefully considered by friends

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