Let's see how manufacturers of perfume boxes can create new patterns for soft boxes

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In the data summary at the end of the year, the business colleagues of the packaging factory found that when many businesses that need cosmetic boxes found Herong perfume box manufacturers, their first reaction was that they wanted to make soft boxes. In fact, there was nothing wrong with making soft boxes, because the production cost of soft boxes was very low, but it also led to a relatively simple packaging box customization process, a very simple structure, but nothing new, So today, let's introduce a design that can create new patterns for the soft box.

In fact, the customized packaging carton model of this soft box can be designed like a gift box. The composition of the box can be changed from a traditional one sheet of paper to two sheets, one for the bottom box and one for the outer box, forming a drawer style carton. This soft box structure was popular with the then perfume box manufacturers as early as 2006, but with the external environmental impact, financial and other factors in 2008, The consumption level of the Chinese people has gradually improved, and many cardboard boxes made of cardboard materials have rapidly emerged, which has led to the existence of this two paper combination soft box design for only 1-2 years.


So what can the manufacturers of perfume boxes do with the soft boxes made of these two pieces of paper? Actually, it's very simple. We can use a piece of paper as the outer jacket of the entire soft box. We just need to use a knife mold to make three cuts, and then fold the creases at a 45 ° angle. The two ends that come into contact with each other are glued together to form a simple hollow rectangular shape. Then, the paper box packaging factory uses a beer knife to cut an arc on one side of the rectangular shape, and gently pushes it down to fix it in the direction of the middle passage inside the rectangular shape, Then there is another piece of paper, which is used to make the inner box. The method of making this paper is quite complex, so we won't go into detail here. However, as can be seen from the accompanying picture, the inner box has a crucial circular hook that is used to fix the inner box when combined with the outer box, so as not to let the inner box exit too much or not completely enter the outer box. However, this hook is a piece of paper, It interacts with the curved shape that just came out of the outer box of beer. This design allows the entire box to have a more mechanized and stable structure, and has strong operability, allowing consumers to have a different consumption experience.

I don't know what friends think of this kind of alternative soft box produced by perfume box manufacturers. If it is an ordinary rectangular soft box, consumers are really prone to aesthetic fatigue. But with the development of the economy, it is imperative that cardboard materials replace soft boxes. But when people have no expectations for soft boxes, perhaps this alternative design can have different effects

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