Playing a caution machine on the customized inner tray of a cosmetics boutique box may result in different effects

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We currently see many cosmetic packaging boxes made by packaging factories that are very exquisite. Of course, this excludes the situation where some single products are made from soft boxes. The main focus is on a complete set of cosmetic sets, which can highlight the significance of customizing this cosmetic boutique box. However, a while ago, the editor introduced some commonly used inner packaging materials for cosmetic packaging companies, It was specifically pointed out that EVA is more suitable for use in the customization process of cosmetic boxes, but the editor overlooked that there is actually an inner tray that is also very suitable. I apologize for not pointing it out before, and I will only introduce it to you this time.

The inner support material used in the customization of cosmetics boutique boxes is colored cloth. The most commonly seen color cloth is not in the cosmetics box, but in the packaging of some tea leaves and supplements. However, there is a common point among these products: some products have direct effects, while others have indirect effects, such as bird's nest and shark's fin. These products, as well as some common health products, If they have a packaging and customized packaging, 70% of the inner tray is made of colored Ding cloth, and this colored Ding cloth is mostly golden, which has inspired many designers in cosmetics box processing factories.

The reason for saying this is because many supplements or health products and cosmetics sets with multiple bottles and cans are the same, with a container that is then separated and fixed with an inner tray inside the box. Their essential difference lies in the color graphics of the outer box, Why is it that most cosmetic packaging boxes nowadays are custom-made with white EVA, and those supplement products can be covered up with various inner brackets and colored cloth, and they look very elegant, not inferior to pure EVA inner brackets? Therefore, designers have boldly operated to summarize the essential characteristics of these two categories of products and find their commonalities, In fact, the cost of polychrome+other inner support materials, such as foam and sponge, which are cheaper than EVA, can be greatly reduced, and it only needs to change the color of polychrome to better reflect the theme of this set of cosmetics through the customized effect of the cosmetic boutique box, and it looks more comfortable.

It is precisely because of the induction and summary of customized cosmetic boutique boxes, as well as the summary of product characteristics between industries, that a product design can be better made, making the overall look more harmonious and achieving greater cost improvement. This is also a good innovation path for many designers, and it is not necessary to use EVA in the packaging box of cosmetics. Consumers who have been using EVA for a long time will also get tired of it.

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