Is the thicker the interior material of the tea gift box, the better?

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Last week, the editor of Herong Packaging Factory introduced some of the structure of gift boxes. Today, I would like to introduce some more information about the thickness of customized materials for tea gift boxes, or the difference in g/sm in a professional way. Why does it cause the overall grade of tea gift boxes to appear to have increased or decreased by a certain level? Speaking of this issue, we will introduce a customer's experience case to everyone

This customer obviously wants to make some high-end tea boxes, so in the entire requirement of customizing tea gift boxes, it is to use thicker inner materials and then add some paper that is more suitable for the tea theme. Originally, the boxes looked very simple, and the sample design was not very beautiful and smooth, but in reality, they were very unsatisfactory, Their tea gift box has an indescribable feeling of not being of such high quality, and it is obvious to the naked eye that the tea leaves inside the gift box may appear to be mismatched. What is the reason for this


After comparing the samples with the bulk boxes by some professional craftsmen, it was found that the most likely reason was that in the customized bulk tea gift boxes, the internal materials were stolen and the 1400g/sm white cardboard used for the previous sample was not used. Instead, the 1200g/sm white cardboard was chosen, and the outer layer was covered with textured special paper, which made it difficult to distinguish if it was really lost, But overall, the thickness of the customized packaging box and the quality on all four sides are weaker, making it less like a gift box, but rather some ordinary boxes.

From this, it can be seen that although the thickness of the cardboard is different, it does not necessarily mean that the thicker the cardboard, the higher the grade. This depends on the situation. Large boxes must use thick cardboard, while small tea gift boxes require an appropriate thickness for customization. If the thickness is too thick, it can cause internal structure to be out of sync and the paper may also crack

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