Choose a drawer or a plastic flip for jewelry gift box customization. Let's take a look at these comparisons

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In the impression of the packaging factory editor, there are only two types of boxes that can dominate the customized market for jewelry gift boxes. One is the plastic embryo flip box, and the other is the drawer jewelry jewelry box. If we want to compare these two types of boxes from jewelry box manufacturers, in terms of cost, appearance, and grade, the editor has obtained the following data:, You may have a clearer goal for choosing which style you prefer more.


First of all, let's talk about the commonly used plastic flap boxes for jewelry box customization manufacturers:

1. Customization of jewelry gift boxes. If the form of plastic embryo flip is used, it will indeed give people a sense of grand ceremony. A full score of 5 points can give a high score of 5, and they are not afraid of being proud at all

If you choose a plastic embryo box, the volume of this flip box will generally be too large, mainly due to the height being pulled up, which will cause a lot of space waste. Therefore, if you give a full score of 5 points in terms of appearance, only 3 points can be given

3. In terms of cost, the technical difficulty and material cost of the flip plastic embryo box will be slightly higher, and a full score of 5 points for affordability can only give 3 points

Then there are some jewelry gift boxes customized by manufacturers, and another type of pressed box cargo drawer box:

1. Customization of jewelry gift boxes. If a drawer box is used, it may appear a bit narrow like a bracelet, bracelet, or bracelet. If it is a ring, it may not appear grand enough, so a maximum score of 5 points can only be given as a grade of 3.5 points

2. If you choose a drawer box, as this type of box can be made relatively small and exquisite, giving a sense of delicacy, and the product can be easily pulled out without any extra space waste, you can give a score of 3.5 in terms of appearance

3. From a cost perspective, if there are not too many processes and special materials used, the cost of a drawer box is generally not high. If the score is based on affordability, a high score of 4 points can be given

The above two are just two popular materials for jewelry gift box customization, not including other world covers. These boxes will be introduced in the future packaging box customization introduction, and I will bring you more relevant knowledge, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the packaging industry

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