Health product gift box factory introduces the advantages and disadvantages of super large window opening to you

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For several days in a row, the editor of the packaging factory introduced a lot of technical details to everyone. Today, we will introduce a unique design designed by the health product gift box factory for the health product box. Although this design looks ordinary, it has become very interesting after such changes

This design is to open windows, but as the editor said, his window opening looks very different from the windows made by our common health product gift box factories. The difference is that his window opening range is very, very large, and you can see that the entire box cover only retains a 2cm border, with the middle completely hollowed out. At first glance, it gives people a quite fresh feeling, And this saves a lot of printing steps for health product packaging color boxes, which relatively saves some process costs. Many health product box printing factories are also gradually developing this process


Although this design is very avant-garde and bold, it has a fatal drawback, which is that the quality of the inner material must be excellent, which means its thickness must be even better. As shown in the picture of the health product gift box in this article, these borders are too narrow, so that the inner material must be very hard, and the entire box lid must be long to support it. If it is not very hard, It is easy to have the same situation as a large box, which is the situation of flat collapse. If this situation occurs, it will appear very low-end, but it will have the opposite effect. Therefore, health product gift box factories are required to use some thick internal materials to make the length of both sides of the box, even if there is a length of more than ten centimeters close to 20cm, there will be no flat collapse or bending phenomenon due to being too narrow

Many friends will say that it's better to use hard and thick ones to maintain their straight characteristics. This involves another process in the health product gift box factory, the issue of beer boards. This kind of beer knife mold can easily cause too deep or not deep enough when cutting thick internal materials, which has a direct impact on the 90 ° molding of the box. Although this process can currently be completed through customized packaging box technology, But there may be a shortage of production time, let's take a look at the needs and choices of our friends

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