Customized price of health product gift boxes, 369%

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Many packaging factories actually have a deep understanding of the price differentiation of box types. If it is the same work and material (the same size process, the same inner material lamination paper), there will indeed be a significant price difference between different customized box types for health product gift boxes. Today, from the perspective of health product packaging box manufacturers, I will learn about the reasons for the price differences generated in these different box types.

Firstly, the most expensive ones are definitely some double-sided and irregularly shaped boxes. The term 'irregularity' here refers to the fact that not all square health product gift boxes can be considered irregular. In other words, some circular and hexagonal polygonal boxes have a slightly better shape, while general polygons are collectively referred to as multilateral boxes in the industry. These boxes are not particularly different in terms of all other craftsmanship and mounting paper, But because there are very few machines for producing these health product color box packaging machines themselves, the production of these boxes is not as fast as traditional boxes, which leads to poor circulation. Therefore, the cost of these boxes is generally high, and the production machines are very few, and the usage rate is very low. In order to share the cost of millions of machines, each production cost must be expensive


Then there are folding boxes, book boxes, and drawer boxes, each of which has its own high cost. The high cost of drawer boxes is also due to machines and some ribbon materials. The customized cost of book box health products gift boxes is high on complex beer boards and magnets. Like folding boxes, book boxes have beer boards that are not only four corners, but also a considerable portion of folding parts, These folding parts can also affect the forming process, so if the paper box factory's technicians are not particularly skilled, the scrap rate in this area will be quite high, so this situation also increases the cost of each box

Finally, the cost of customizing a super simple Tiandi Lid health product gift box is not very high. Currently, Tiandi Lid boxes are available all over the world, and simple box types work quickly, making them popular among ordinary users. The difficulty of their craftsmanship is not very high, so their cost can be said to be an example of economy and affordability

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