How to Position the Audience of Customized Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

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From fashion brands to collaborating departments and public welfare organizations, they use innovative and elegant methods to promote their identity through rectangular sticker printing, thereby widely reaching out to the public. Customized cosmetic packaging boxes, whether you want to use stickers for promotion or product labeling, will definitely leave a lasting impression on customers and persuade them to take immediate action.


1. Optimize your packaging with rectangular stickers.

Customized cosmetic packaging boxes can print creative and interesting information, providing an unforgettable experience for customers who have been waiting for orders for a long time. When opening the box, it will bring a smile to the recipient. You can also use these stickers to convey your brand identity and establish customer loyalty to your brand.

2. The sticker materials used make your brand more durable.

Customized cosmetic packaging boxes can add value to your brand and promotional practices by selecting durable sticker materials for rectangular sticker printing. Depending on your indoor or outdoor usage, you can choose different types of sticker materials according to your needs. Common sticker materials include:

Vinyl materials

Can be applied to any surface or plane. There are different types of vinyl materials, such as transparent removable vinyl, white gloss long-lasting vinyl, white matte removable vinyl, and white gloss removable vinyl. Regardless of which vinyl material you choose as the sticker, customized cosmetic packaging boxes all have strong adhesion and are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

BOPP material

This material has excellent wear resistance, moisture resistance, fading resistance, and wear resistance. BOPP has various forms, such as transparent BOPP, white long-lasting matte BOPP, and white long-lasting glossy BOPP, all of which have unique properties. The choice of materials completely depends on your requirements.

3. Add the style of stickers through lamination.

Customized cosmetic packaging boxes can be made more durable by applying different types of laminated materials, which not only increases their durability but also enhances their luster. Applying a matte coating on the sticker can provide a soft and delicate finish, while customizing the packaging box for cosmetics and providing scratch resistance. Pasting glossy laminated materials on self-adhesive labels will produce a glossy surface and attract more customers' attention with a glossy appearance.

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