Precautions for Customizing Packaging Boxes

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With the rapid development trend of contemporary social and economic development, the demand for products in the market is increasing day by day, and customers have high requirements for product selection. Packaging design can appropriately reflect the personalization of products and attract consumers. The entire process is a tool for psychological promotion, and the harm of consumer concepts to packaging design is the solution to consumer behavioral needs in packaging design. How can packaging harm consumer behavior, even product understanding and experience?


1. Color

When making, it is important to pay attention to the color matching with the styles that consumers like, and not to make the packaging look lifeless or lack a sense of technology. We need to analyze people based on the characteristics of the product, and then design based on people's purchasing preferences.

2. User experience

Some merchants often overlook the opening method of packaging in order to achieve the so-called high-end atmosphere and upscale. If a troublesome opening method is designed, the customized consumer experience of the packaging box will be poor, which needs to be considered.

3. Consistency

Packaging does not require the use of complex fonts, just one or two fonts, as being too complex can affect the audience's appreciation. As for the choice of pattern design, it is often necessary to choose the design based on the characteristics of the product itself.

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