Principles and Methods of Corrugated Box Design

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Packaging design is the design of the external structure and internal accessories of packaging based on scientific principles, based on the actual conditions of packaging and production. The design should ensure that the structure has sufficient strength, hardness, and resistance to other environments. From the perspective of packaging purposes, the following two aspects should be considered. One is to protect the primary function of the product, and the other is to meet the important characteristics of modern packaging, such as transportation and processing characteristics.

Qualified cardboard box products start with correct structural design. Designers not only need to understand the client's intentions, but also be familiar with the subsequent processing techniques. Only in this way can the customer's intentions be transformed into qualified products, ensuring the smooth progress of subsequent processing. Before starting the design, the designer should understand the nature, shape, size, weight, arrangement, transportation, and stacking of the contents, the storage environment, transportation route, and time of the contents, the type of cardboard box, and production materials.

There are some problems in the technology and guiding ideology of domestic cardboard box design, lacking systematic analysis, which makes the designed packaging unable to meet the requirements of ergonomics and technological and economic rationality. This is evident in the size design of cardboard boxes.


In China, only the type of cardboard box is clearly specified, and there are no specific requirements for the size of the cardboard box, which is mainly determined by the designer. Designers mainly consider two factors when determining the size of a cardboard box: firstly, it can hold things; Secondly, the corrugated box design has sufficient strength. In fact, besides the content of the packaging, there are many other factors that limit the size and shape of the cardboard box, such as ergonomic factors, pallet size, truck size, container space size, and distribution shelf size. These factors are both independent and interdependent. Both packaging functionality and convenience should be considered. So when designing, only by systematically and comprehensively grasping all the constraints of the residence can the size of the cardboard box be reasonably determined.

In summary, in the structural design of corrugated cardboard boxes, the size design of the boxes is a very important task. A qualified cardboard box product should have protection, and the corrugated box design should have a good shape. Especially for cardboard boxes that integrate sales packaging and transportation packaging functions. Reasonable size will be the key to cardboard box design. Because changes in size will directly affect the various performance changes of the cardboard box. In short, in the structural design of corrugated boxes, it is necessary to determine based on the manufacturing equipment used, different production processes, corrugated paper with different corrugated shapes, and the types and properties of the goods inside. Only by mastering the structure and dimensions of corrugated box design can we manufacture corrugated boxes that protect and beautify goods

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