Common Box Types for Color Packaging Cartons

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Nowadays, many packaging boxes are made of paper when used. Because paper can be recycled again, it is more environmentally friendly compared to other materials. Let's first take a look at the commonly used types of boxes.

At present, many products choose to use drawer style boxes when packaging because the products inside are not easy to fall out during use. You can choose the number of layers according to actual usage needs, and add some fillers to the inside during use, which can improve the performance of protective products and make the inside more beautiful. So this form will be used in many gifts for friends.

There is also a box type with a sky and earth cover, which is quite common. This is relatively simple in structure, so a large number of machines can be used for production and processing. Moreover, this unpacking method has a significant visual impact on consumers.

3. Many boxes for jewelry are usually in the form of flip boxes, which are combined with drawer boxes. Colored packaging cardboard boxes can also save space. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, many cosmetics, clothing, etc. We all started packaging in this way.

4. There are many special shaped boxes. Although the dosage is not very large, the effect is very good when many niche products are being sold.

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