What factors determine the price of gift box packaging?

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Customers often ask how much it costs to make a gift box when purchasing or customizing it. Customers often encounter similar problems, which are concerned about the price of packaging boxes. Some buyers habitually ask how much a customized packaging box costs without knowing anything. Make it difficult for suppliers' customers to answer. In this case, the supplier of the packaging factory will provide corresponding suggestions for raw materials, scales, and box types based on the value and intention of the buyer's packaged products. Only by determining the corresponding raw materials, scale, quantity, and process can a detailed price be calculated.

From the perspective of customers, they initially were more concerned about the price of the packaging box rather than the value of the packaging box itself, so price is always an important factor in purchasing. Comparing high-quality and affordable products with other companies is a common concern among the general public. Returning to the prices of packaging boxes and gift boxes, it is because customers do not know how the manufacturing prices of packaging boxes and gift boxes are calculated, and what factors are affecting them? According to customer service from gift box suppliers, prices can vary greatly depending on the box type, raw materials, size, and quantity. So what are the factors that determine the customized price for gift box manufacturing? Follow the paper printed packaging provided by the gift box supplier to answer your questions. There are four factors that determine the gift box and


Manufacturing price of packaging box:

1、 The selection of raw materials (printing paper cost) affects the size, box type, quantity, and paper selection of packaging paper. The materials used in the gift box directly affect the price of the gift box, and good materials are expensive. So the choice of raw materials determines the price difference of gift boxes.

Secondly, the fixed cost and quantity of printing. Packaging and printing factories are not simply printing. It uses large machinery and has high start-up costs. This part of the cost will be included in the printing and packaging costs. Other reasons include the operating costs of the factory and the cutting tools. The more quantity, the lower the cost. This is also the reason why packaging and printing factories have printing capabilities. The price of gift box packaging will remind customers that the more they do, the higher the cost-effectiveness. Generally, kraft paper fruit gift boxes are relatively small.

Thirdly, the exquisite production process costs will promote customers' desire to purchase. Therefore, customers will seek gift box suppliers to customize the gift box process to provide product value or stimulate customers. There are many techniques that can be used on the surface of gift boxes, such as gold stamping (silver), screen printing (UV), embossing (embossing), laser engraving, etc. The cost of each process varies. Moreover, the craftsmanship on the gift box is disposable, not disposable. The more craftsmanship there is, the higher the cost of packaging the gift box.

Four. Some gift boxes require manual production due to labor costs. For example, the labor cost accounts for a significant portion of the hardcover boxes (gray board raw materials). The structure of the gift box determines the labor cost. The more chaotic the structure, the more labor costs, and the corresponding costs are also higher.

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