Analysis of the classification of kraft paper bags used for packaging boxes

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There are four main categories of kraft paper bags: kraft paper tote bags, multi-layer kraft paper bags, paper plastic composite bags, square bottom open pockets, square bottom valve pockets, etc.

Kraft paper is internationally recognized as environmentally friendly paper, and kraft paper tote bags are one of the commonly used tote bags. They are generally made of white kraft leather, which is classic and elegant, tear resistant, smooth, and highly cost-effective. It is a great choice for clothing bags and gift bags.

Multi layer kraft paper bag: Process with two or more layers of kraft paper to form a bag, sew with polyester thread at the bottom, and then use heat sealing paper for heat sealing treatment. PP material can be coated with a layer of film on paper to provide waterproofing, or an inner membrane bag can be added. Very environmentally friendly and hygienic.


Three in one paper plastic composite bag: also known as a three in one kraft paper bag, it is a small bulk container. The surface is made of kraft paper, and the inner layer is made of plastic PP woven fabric. The plastic particles PP are melted by high temperature and pressure, and the kraft paper and plastic woven fabric are combined to form an inner membrane bag. It has the characteristics of high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Square bottom open pocket: also known as a square bottom open pocket. It is basically the same as multi-layer kraft paper bags. After being made into semi-finished products by machine, the bottom is manually folded to form a square bottom. The bottom is glued together with glue, and then dried by hot air or air drying. Unlike traditional sewing sealing methods, a layer of plastic film can be added to the center of the paper to package necessary moisture-proof products.

Square bottom valve pocket: also known as paste bottom pocket, the production process is basically the same as that of square bottom open pocket. The valve pocket is treated in the same shape as the bottom, and a bell mouth is added to the mouth for filling materials. For the convenience of filling, holes can be drilled on the bag body to facilitate gas extrusion and prevent bag explosion. A layer of plastic film can be added to the center of the paper to package necessary moisture-proof products.

After reading these, I'm not sure if you have a general understanding of the various categories of kraft paper tote bags. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message. Hui Packaging, as a professional handbag manufacturer, looks forward to your inquiry.

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