The difference between the external and internal dimensions of customized packaging boxes

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The box size can be divided into external and internal dimensions. For cardboard boxes, the difference between the internal and external dimensions is not significant. But for high-end handmade boxes, the difference between the two is significant, often reaching around a centimeter. If this size is reversed when customizing the packaging box, the error is also significant. This will cause the inner tray to not fit in and the face paper to not wrap properly. Many customers do not understand this. Next, Qunsheng Packaging will tell you about the internal and external dimensions. Packaging box

Firstly, it is important to understand what the inside and outside dimensions of the box are. The outside dimensions are actually the size of the box that we often measure. Just use a ruler to measure the box, and the inner size needs to be measured by placing it inside the box, which measures the capacity of the box. The difference between them is the thickness of the box material, and if it is cardboard, the general thickness will not exceed 5mm. So the difference in internal and external dimensions is not significant, but if it is a handmade box, some materials can even reach 3cm. In this way, the difference in internal and external dimensions is very significant. Some custom packaging box manufacturers may use the external dimensions as external dimensions, which can cause the box to become smaller and unable to fit the product.

Generally, customers do not understand the internal and external dimensions, and most of the sizes reported by customers are external dimensions. So when customizing the packaging box, don't worry about reversing the inside and outside dimensions, so there won't be any problems.

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