Perfume box is ordered by the iconic old brand business, which is better than the manufacturer.

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I still remember a year ago, the small editor of the box side packaging factory proposed that the merchants who need to order perfume boxes could try to use cosmetics boutique boxes to package their products, which would be more eye-catching than the current soft boxes, and might have better effects. But what I didn't expect was that the cosmetics box manufacturers received more soft box type cosmetics box packaging designs, but most of them were admired by designers and small editors of the packaging factory, Because they seem to be playing even more smoothly than customizing high-quality packaging boxes, what's going on? Let's share their soft box advantages with everyone.

1. In terms of design and play, they have reached the same height as the factory designers who make customized designs for perfume boxes all the year round. They are very familiar with the structure of the box and the thickness of the materials. The size of the beer box does not affect the stability of the entire cosmetic packaging box under the pressure of the paper material, and the beer ear of the drawer of the inner box is buckled with each other, Keeping the entire soft box in a relatively stable structure also solved the structural innovation of the soft box and the stability problem of large soft boxes in one fell swoop. Indeed, seeing this design surprised many friends.

2. Completely completed the appearance of the handbag. What really surprised Xiaobian was that the customized design of the perfume box was not a boutique box, but a soft box. This really surprised everyone, because we had previously introduced that to withstand the tension pressure of the hand rope on the perforation, the internal material of the boutique box cardboard would be better, and the soft box might not be feasible, but what we did not expect was that, Merchants actually use elastic hand ropes such as cotton ropes or flat ribbon ribbons to reduce the wear and tear caused by pressure on the eyelets. At this time, many teachers in factories lament that people nowadays are becoming more and more proficient and proficient in playing.

These two changes have really surprised everyone. As time goes by, everyone becomes more familiar with the packaging industry. I believe that it will not be long before there is a second customized design of perfume boxes. Maybe there will be a third and a fourth. Slowly, everyone will have a conceptualization of packaging and become familiar with technology, so there will be no more industry fraud.

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